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The Newport Native and Friends

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Newport City Hall Statue of Rochambeau The Bandstand at King's Park Castle Hill Hotel & Restaurant Easton's Beach
Stairway to Cliff Walk Manor Looking Through the Tunnel Forty Steps The Breakers - Back Lawn Fence With Chinese Tea House Beyond
Ocean Drive Near O'Connells Rocks at West End of Bailey's Newport Shipyard From State Pier 9 Lobster Traps 3-Masted Schooner
The Amsterdam - Taken From Goat Island Clouds Over First Beach Yellow House Rhode Island Ave. Newport Bridge From Battery Park Cluny Convent

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Posting guidelines:

1. Areas of interest include greater Newport, Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island, and New England, but especially those things of interests to us natives as opposed to the tourists. We'd love to hear about your favorite eclectic hangout, funky cyber-cafe, experiences growing up in and around Newport, bits of Newport history that are not widely known, favorite stories, recommended restaurants (not just the ones that the tourists go to). This is your community Newporters! Obviously we can't be all things to all people, and some posts may be better suited to other communities.

From time to time I or one of the maintainers may respectfully refer people back to the guidelines. Likewise repeat offenders may occasionally find their posts deleted if they are totally off topic.

2.We don't tolerate flaming. Flamers or rude posts will generally be given one warning before being banned.

3. Quoted materials should list the source. Even if you do ignore copyrights, you are less likely to get into trouble if you credit the source. Any copyright infringements are the sole responsibility of the person posting and not this community.

4. Please place long posts behind a cut. If you don't know how to do this, refer to the LJ Help area.

5. Please use the default font in the default size.

6. Please keep pics to a reasonble size and resolution in consideration of those with lower bandwidth.

The above listed guidelines should be taken as just that and not a straightjacket to prevent us all from having fun, using humor, or bringing your personality to the community. Thank-you and have fun.
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